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Wardynski’s Introduces Botaniline Food Technology to Make Healthier Processed Proteins

After a century of bringing quality hot dogs, sausage, and bologna to WNY, Wardynski & Sons is excited to offer some new and healthier alternatives to the mix in their 100th year. Fueled by a desire to revolutionize the food industry in a health-conscious way, Raymond “Skip” Wardynski – owner of 100year-old Wardynski & Sons – has co-founded Botaniline, a food technology company focused on creating nutritious, low sodium, and chemical and allergen-free products using plant-based ingredients. Click here to learn more:
Botaniline and Wardynski 100th anniversary Press Release[7910]

Wardynski’s Hot Dogs are Named the Best!

Who has the best hot dog in the Upstate New York area? According to, we are! Check out the full list and reviews here:

The Battle of Upstate New York Hot Dogs

Wardynski Meats Brings Back Shelly Bologna

Click here to learn how Wardynski’s brought the popular brand back to the Buffalo, NY area!