Old World Favorites

While we are excited to offer new products and flavors, we are still very proud of the old world favorites that we have been serving for generations!

Head Cheese

Head cheese (also known as sous, brawn) originated in Europe. Our head cheeses are a delicate mix of pork tongues and snouts.  We offer it in 3  traditional flavors: Sweet, (sugar sweetened)  Sour (with diced red peppers, pickle relish and our sour seasoning) and Hot Sour with Jalapeno Peppers.

Krakowska (KK Sausage)

Krakowska is a firm polish sausage made with pork and heavily seasoned with garlic. This is a cooked smoked sausage made with only the best ham chunks. It is great served cold for nibbling with crackers or on an antipasto platter.  It is also popular sliced for sandwiches or fried with onions.

Kiszka (Gritz)

Traditionally known as Kiszka, (very similar to black pudding) this is an old Polish delicacy. Kiszka has a similar consistency to Corned Beef Hash.  It is made with pork snouts, buckwheat and beef blood  and is stuffed into a natural casing. We also make bung (or white) Kiszka in a beef (bung) casing. This is perfect baked or fried and is traditionally served with eggs for breakfast, but it is great for any meal.


A well known German favorite often associated with Oktoberfest.   Knockwurst is a plumper, shorter sausage than most and is often cooked with sauerkraut, but is great on any grill. It is made from pork and beef with a hint of mustard seed.

Ring Bologna

Our Ring Bologna uses the same tasty ingredients as our knockwurst, only it is stuffed into a naturally curved casing. It is delicious simmered until hot and served casserole style with sauerkraut.

Beer Salami

Beer Salami is fully cooked and best served cold. It works great on a cheese and olive board. Of course it tastes great with any beer.