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Did you know that October 24th is National Bologna day? Well we did. We decide...

Did you know that October 24th is National Bologna day? Well we did. We decided to celebrate Charlie the Butchers 100th birthday and the National Bologna day together. On Friday 10/24 stop by Charlie the butcher for a Fried Bologna and Onion Sandwich for .99.

Happy Birthday Charlie.

Happy Birthday Charlie.

YANKEE DOG: Mustard, catsup and relish

Mustard and diced onion

Mustard, tomato wedges, diced onion, dill pickle spears, hot peppers

Mustard, chili sauce, diced onion, shredded cheddar cheese

Warmed sauerkraut

This website or your favorite retailer in western New York!


Slow Cured Ham

With Natural Juices Naturally Smoked
98% Fat Free

“As good a Ham as your family has ever eaten!”

The Wardynski Family
4th Generation Strong 


Welcome to Wardynski’s, home of Western New York’s Best Gourmet Hot Dogs, Famous Polish Sausage and Fresh Italian Sausage! Family owned and operated since 1920, Wardynski’s still uses the same recipes brought over from Poland by Frank Wardynski. 

Generations of Western New Yorkers have grown up with Wardynski hot dogs and sausages, and Wardynski products are at the center of family traditions all over western New York.

Come take a look around, and explore our wide variety of products.  If you have any questions, please contact us today, we would love to hear from you! And make sure you ask about our new Chorizo sausage!

Like they say, Don’t Give Me That Baloney, I want Wardynski’s!

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